Steps Before a New Referendum Wins — 10/14/2011

Some seem to think the 2011 RB referendum’s 79+% to 20+% defeat was an aberration, a bad dream from which they can awake and bill others for what we know is a troubled, though high-performing in some areas, institution.

For these folks here is a handy checklist of what needs to happen first, in no particular order:

1. Adopt 11-12 budget to transition from 10-11 binge deficit spending……….check

2. Empower Dr. Skinkis to assess fully the situation, both educational and institutional, and create comprehensive educational / financial / administrative school improvement plan to make RB the finest Illinois public high school of its size…………………………………………..check

3. Seek all possible economies within current contracts, obligations, programs, physical plant, etc.

4. Account fully for the $60 million capital program spending

5. Investigate, report on, and take appropriate administrative action w.r.t. illegal electioneering, either in the school, by the staff or using public resources…………………somewhat underway — outsourced to lawsuit plaintiffs

6. Restore trust in RBHS………………………….the sum of the above and the sufficient condition (regarding RB — it would help if the economy bounced back as well…)

none of this is easy. some of it is downright unpleasant. most of it is basic re-building. all of it is vital to the needed turnaround.

put another way …

Budget failures and illicit politicking reflect the RB regime from which the community has already declared its independence. Thanks to the new board’s imposition of fiscal controls, and an investigation that will take place one way or another, the school on which more of us rely than any other to educate our teenage children will soon be transformed. Given our children’s need to excel in tomorrow’s job market, RB’s complete transformation cannot come soon enough.


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