Great news for RB voters — 12/23/2010

December 23, 2010:

dear all,

happy to say filing has finished and seven of us have stood up:

tom powers from brookfield, a d95 bd member and architect
riverside’s tim walsh, noted swimming dad and atty
laura hruska of brookfield, former d208 member and medical association test person
dr. john keen of brookfield, radiologist
gary gryczan,(pronouncer: grish-an), riverside u of c mba
north riverside’s lou surprenant, zoning appeal board member and frequent coach
north riverside’s lenora giurini, insurance executive

#1) thank you to all of the candidates. running is a special thrill, serving is a big commitment. thank you for putting yourselves before the voters

#2) thank you to all who considered running. there were many, and for the active consideration of such a demanding civic role, all of you deserve recognition — even if anonymous — and appreciation.

#3) as a community we now begin a campaign in which there will be no losers — there is lots to talk about, the issues are pretty well defined, and everyone should get involved and chatting.

#4) we need as many candidate forums and discussions as can be scheduled — they will prompt a wider and deeper community discussion about RBHS, its present and its future.

#5) if you belong to any kind of group in town, please invite all the candidates and give them platform — choose a date a few weeks away so everybody can show up and give folks an opportunity to give opening remarks and take questions from the floor. it’s pretty easy, and fun, and it will help all of us — voters to hear what the candidates think and the candidates to work out their positions on the issues.

#6) one hopes that president marciniak will direct superintendent bonnette to put RBTV on the campaign, using that RB taxpayer-funded communications medium to… communicate with taxpayers about RB. it is time for early, frequent and ongoing conversations, get ’em on, get ’em talking and invite ’em back to do it again. ask local journalists such as sun-times managing editor andrew herrmann and famous sports columnist and RB dad rick morrisey to lead the conversations fairly and make sure everyone has their say.

#7) (getting students involved in a producing such a series of conversations is great training for them in civic participation and journalism, by the way. in recent years the station has labored mightily to have one tiny joint appearance, usually aired on the last friday night before the election in a programming insult to the voters. more conversations = more programs, and thus more kids involved.)

#8) the programs should immediately be placed on the school website, for those many taxpaying residents who can’t watch or tivo the broadcasts.

#9) etc etc etc — as a community we are now challenged to find inclusive and supportive ways of hearing from the candidates, informing them of our views and making our choices. i wrote a piece for the landmark eight weeks ago that said everyone has to make their own mind up about the referendum, but voting for board members is a duty we must perform. to do so, we need to get to know them. to do that, we have to give them the exposure we can.

let’s make this a fun campaign for everyone and great election for RBHS.

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