Knocking “Curious Resident”, the clean-up committee — 1/5/2012

1. Curious — Are you or are you not in a household that depends on RB for some of its income ?

We have been through this for months. You talk about honesty. You still don’t answer. I post in my own name.

Which is it ?

2. MRT — No one, least of all me and you, want to be here, on the clean-up committee after the unsustainable spending binge has crashed.

The unsustainable spending binge by prior boards and administrations was the “failure in their mission to deliver comprehensive education to our students, the purpose that any of us intends when our tax dollars flow into district 208.”

If it is a choice between looking the other way while prior boards and administrations spent w/o accountability, or working through the difficulties to build a sustainable, strong — and comprehensive — high school, then i am clam happy to be here, not there, because facing the problems together means we will solve them.

But not by snapping fingers. Seems to me we have been in triage. Took a long time to get here, will take a long hard slog to get where we want to be. (I have posted this many times.) I don’t think anyone believes anything has been fixed — thus the public input sessions. The need for your input in coming weeks is very high.

thanks, c

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