More on RBTV’s “illegal” ad — 3/6/2011

March 6, 2011:

1. Two RBHS staffers — not students — were the center of producing an RBTV ad an expert calls “illegal” (see [Turnaround stalls at RB]). One hopes they will be accountable for this appalling mistake. I am not aware of any student involvement.

2. If any students were involved, then responsibility goes back to the staffers. Students should and do assume the staffers know what they are doing. As far as I know, no students were involved.

3. I thought the ad was kinky the moment I saw it, perhaps two and a half weeks ago.

4. At the Komarek forum on Wed. evening I put a screen capture of it in front of the audience and asked if it was appropriate.

5. One of the two RBHS staffers then told the Komarek attendees that I was wrong, I did not get it, the ad was fine, we do this as a matter of course, no big deal. Obviously, RB killing the ad on Friday shows he was wrong.

6. The staffers’ production and placement of this ad was an abuse of their positions and our resources. We do not send taxes to RB to be used on inappropriate activities that are considered “illegal” by experts in the field.

7. Accountability begins when someone is held accountable. The grown-ups at RB, Jim and David, know that.

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