No one more honest than Jim Marciniak — 3/17/2011

March 17, 2011

[An open letter to a fellow poster…]

Dear Kate,

What I know about RB comes from my volunteer involvement, which began under Larry Herbst and now goes back some eight years. It unexpectedly became a hobby. I do not recommend it.

Neither Jim, nor David, nor any other board member, nor anyone else, has ever given me inside info on anything. Ever. I might also say that I have not asked. Please do not let anything I have said or written lead you to think otherwise.

You are welcome to think or say anything you like about yours truly, but I urge you to hold David, Jim and the board members in high regard for their civic involvement. The volunteer hours they have logged are truly incredible. It is a very demanding gig, and all of them spend a lot of time standing in our shoes, for us.

My point above refers to issues that are public, but which do not rise to the level of this forum. If you email me i am happy to run down the list with you. No big deal.

I respect Jim and appreciate very much his service. He and I have disagreed and agreed – sometimes very publicly. I have written here and elsewhere of my deep regret over Jim’s stewardship of the contract. If you think I should repeat that, fair enough. I know Jim thinks he did what was right, and I respect that, even though I disagree.

You are not going to find a more honest board member than Jim Marciniak. Our differences are over emphasis, focus and intensity. Never about his integrity – or the debt we owe him as a volunteer board member. He has had a tough row as the middle person between the Herbst wing, with which I have disagreed most consistently, and the new members, who I think want across-the-board reform now. It is easy for you or me to say Jim should do things differently, but we are not there. He is.

I appreciate your comments about the past, etc. To be as plain as possible: If you are sick of hearing about it, please believe I am sick of mentioning it. I decided to become an activist to end it. Doing so has taken longer than I expected. But, the old influences are receding. Soon they will be gone. It’s what I have worked for since deciding to run in 2007. Imagine what can happen with a totally new look at the school. Truly, it is worth the effort.

Finally, candidates. I urge you to vote only for people you connect with. We have seven candidates. I sure hope there are four reformers in there. Given your thoughtful post above, I have no doubt you will find them. Thank you and best regards, c

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