On the lawsuit settlement offer — 10/14/2011

no secret: the board should have taken the settlement offer, done the investigation and reported publicly. tony placed that offer on the table in public on TV at a board meetingand for reasons none of us know they said, “no, lets litigate.”

so, under this scenario, the investigation will be independent, but with the added expense of discovery and production. worse, it cannot be as comprehensive as a mandated external investigation — where folks have been told to cooperate fully, because it will take place in an adversarial proceeding in which ‘telling the truth’ will be equated with ‘losing the lawsuit,’ which in turn creates another dynamic that i think plaintiffs — by their offer — genuinely wanted to avoid.

i wrote elsewhere that this choice has put the investigation in our windshield, while it belongs in the rear-view mirror. last thing we need is to postpone the inquiry, its results and clean-up.

oh well.

POSTED FRIDAY OCT 14, 2011 15:36 #
JR then wrote:
  1. Interesting spin, Chris. But let’s try this.

    Perhaps the Board wasn’t inclined to accept TPs offer because a) they don’t believe there was any misconduct or b) they resent a grandstanding politician making demands. Frankly, when dealing with someone like Peraica and the Tax Payers United group, I think the best course of action is to make them prove their allegations.

    I get it–you’re a good soldier, and Peraica is still a player in local Republican circles (despite the fact that the voters have resoundingly said that they are not particularly interested in him holding any elective office). However, not everybody feels the need to have him take up the cudgels on their behalf.

    POSTED MONDAY OCT 17, 2011 09:35 #
  2. chrisrobling

    having opposed the lawsuit from the moment the landmnark announced it, i don’t know what you are talking about.

    for reasons mentioned above the lawsuit is a lousy way to establish the facts — whatever they are.

    it’s the board’s call — it must do what it thinks is best for d208. not really worth arguing over, said and done.

    best, c

    POSTED MONDAY OCT 17, 2011 10:41 #
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