Pulling back the curtain — 9/28/2011

September 28, 2011:

News from Last Night’s Board Meeting

Last night we learned the following:

1) There are no job descriptions, indicies, accountabilities or written evaluations for administrative staff, including the principal — apparently there have not been for a long time
2) The new boiler is not working properly
3) A new fan in the swimming pool area is not working properly (at last meeting the leaks in the new ‘field house’ were described and discussed)
4) There is a fantastic professional at the school heading special ed
5) We were cited by the State of Illinois three years ago for failures in our special ed transitional (older student) program, but the new special ed person came and numerous steps have been taken. We are getting better at it
6) Appox. 10 percent of RB students are in some kind of special ed
7) The board chose academics, finance, operations and communications at its retreat for special emphasis
8) Illinois test results are back — and they give a lot of information. Principal Pam Bylsmaa recited highs, lows and unexpected results. Thanks to our teachers and some dedicated students, there remain some very bright academic spots in a school that is changing.
9) Dr. Kevin Skinkis is on a speaking tour of the district.

There was considerably more, but it was an impressive evening with a lot going on.

One again has the feeling the school is being built anew — see #1, above. One hopes erstwhile referendum supporters notice the extent to which the institution for which they sought more than $100 million in additional funding had not respected us enough to have in place even the most basic operational elements, such as job descriptions. My sense is they were deceived, but that does not solve problems at the school. It only identifies a cause of those problems . . .

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