RB’s openness to citizen involvement — 8/6/2009

This is a great letter and a great step for all of us who think the Board needs to return to the reality we share, in which this contract is politically unsustainable.

Based on my dealings with D96, I think nothing has been more important there than keeping parents from organizing to hold the Board accountable on something.

Be it math curriculum, hardscape/landscape, the idiotic waste of money entailed in “laptops for every fifth-grader,” or any of the many other issues, the D96 worldview is devoted to diffusing opposition and stifling debate. If we ever do get together, it shifts to ignoring us and proceeding as if we hadn’t.

Most of my time is spent with RB, which is plodding through its own issues. To give you an idea of how remote I believe D96 is, I have told Nancy Jenson that RB has demonstrated on several recent occasions considerably greater openness to substantive community input than the frigid shoulder we have received at the D96 doorstep for the last several years. RB — in particular Larry Herbst — deserves credit for that, and despite other differences I gladly acknowledge it.

There are new Board members at District 96 who must be learning from this experience. That’s great. Two of them arose from general disatisfaction with the Board, as evinced by the tone and direction of Network 96. One hopes they recognize that had Board leadership, present or past, had as much loyalty to them and their colleagues as it has demonstrated to the Superintendent, then they, their colleagues and this community would not be where we are, and the great letter above would never have been written. None of this, in fact, ever would have happened.

Alas, D96 Board leadership — present and past — sees things quite differently. Thus we are stuck with this flat tire of a contract right at the start of a new board term and new school year. With all due respect, one hopes Board leadership finds its way back to the rest of us. Signing the above letter is a wonderful way to help it on that path.

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