The new superintendent search — 1/17/2011

January 17, 2011:

Friends, our entree to RB is the Board.

We have seven candidates. Each has something to commend him / her. Get to know your candidates. Be prepared to vote your choices on election day.

Come fair or come foul, the four of them will stand in our shoes.

All of our problems — and our successes — come from the Board. It is easy to personify an issue and say, ‘If X were not at the school, then all would be better’ or ‘since X is at the school, all is grand.’

It is also naive.

The school is highly complex. It requires leadership first. If that does not come from the Board, then our role — and voice — as taxpayers is silenced.

The Board must orient the superintendent, the principal, the administration and the certified staff to our values, or we have only ourselves to blame.

It next must create a reporting structure in which it knows, on an ongoing basis, that its will, and not some sub-goal pursuit of a second-level staffer, is being done. To be charitable in our view of the recent past, this is where the Herbst majority went far wrong. But that’s being really charitable.

Regardless, the Board represents us in all matters of school policy and operation. It accounts to us, and we select its leadership.

Because of this, the timing of this search is unfortunate. A majority of the board has announced its departure.

One may reasonably expect the four short-timers to defer to the ongoing members who will serve with the new hire.

Perhaps Board President Marciniak should order counsel to brief the possibility of a non-disclosure agreement for the seven candidates so that they may take a limited advisory role in the selection, because four of them will serve with the selectee.

Of course, the decision must remain in the hands of the Board alone, per statute.

From the applicant side, it will be foolish to take the job if you are not a consensus candidate of all seven current board members.

Finally, a) this is only the beginning of our expression of thanks to Dr. David Bonnette for keeping the place together after the internal collapse under his predecessor… to be continued.

b) Finally, people still post here w/o disclosing either their names or their personal / spousal / family interest in the referendum. It’s a campaign-oriented troll-like scam that brings an even heavier discounting of their rhetoric than its craven one-sidedness would otherwise.

That is the real other side.

Best, c

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