Two quick points, post-Zeman — 4/20/2010

April 20, 2010:

First, a Sun-Times article yesterday found little correltion between teacher pay and student performance. It found that only seven of the top 25 paying school districts lead in student achievement.

Again, I emphasize I am not anti-union, and certainly not anti-teacher (please check back up this string), but this is an interesting story in one of our two major papers and worthy of everyone’s attention:,CST-NWS-teachers19.article

NB: An eagle-eyed, business-oriented resident told me this morning he thinks the high school salary chart incorrectly leaves RB out. Not sure if that is the case, but he is a numbers guy so it may well be.

Second, if you are interested in the effort to reform and improve RB post-Larry Herbst/Jack Baldermann, don’t miss the comments sections of the two local papers regarding the Board’s decision last week not to re-hire athletic director Otto Zeman. At the RB Landmark site I think there are more comments than I have seen for any other article. There are also a couple dozen at the Suburban Life site, spread over two articles.

Best, c

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