Um, we will get to the investigation… right after you give us more than $100 million. — 3/16/2011

March 16, 2011:

[Replying to another poster…]

But —

First, I am not an attorney.

Second, if we owe the kids anything, it is a school that operates properly. If we have great teachers doing extraordinary things now, as we do, then think what is possible when we finally free ourselves, our teachers and our kids of these hindrances. Why are some — not necessarily you — so resistant to that ?

[Some chant, “leave the past, leave the past…” My answer: That attitude’s refusal to acknowledge the past’s dead hand, and how it constricts us now, leaves the past in charge. Mine doesn’t. My only reason for understanding what has happened (for instance, wasting $500k to $700k on the Paw Cyberdog fiasco) is to make sure we learn lessons and never make those mistakes again. Those who deny lessons slip into a trap of historicism. They enshrine the status quo, I stand for change, specifically, reform.]

Third, who cares what I saw/thought ? The ad stunk the moment I saw it. When I read the sample ballot, I knew it did not jibe with the facts. So what ? The Board and its majority are in business to steer clear of such screw-ups, not me. In these cases, like so many others, it failed. We call them on it, and hopefully it does not happen again. But RBHS seems to have some in-house who reject any break from Herbst-era goon-ism. They want the status quo. Why might that be?

[Please don’t think I have written all I know about RB’s foibles. Part of the reason I think we must reject the status quo is because of problems that do not get discussed here. Dr. Bonnette, Jim and others know exactly what I am talking about.]

Fourth, my criteria for a new fiscal plan are back up this thread. If the new Board fulfills those steps, and determines we need a referendum, I have said I will back the new Board. Paul Stack, former Riverside village president, longtime RB board member and RB graduate, said basically the same thing in a brilliant letter to the Landmark eight days ago.

Finally, as long as I am at it, here are three points for every reform-minded RBHS district resident:

A) It is the referendum that will project the Herbst era into our future in perpetuity. The referendum will make our district into a Jacob Marley’s ghost, lugging the Herbst era’s iron boxes, “like a tail” forever. To end the status quo — vote “No.”

B) Despite all of this, if you still think the referendum is a good idea, fair enough — by all means vote for it. A reform board will be elected, so we will get together on the other side to reform RB — from there.

C) May we all agree that one’s concern for RB is not equivalent to one’s position on the referendum ? I accept that some reformers support the referendum, and some opponents of the referendum are not reformers. That’s the way it goes. If we are thinking this stuff through, and posting here, may we all affirm that all of us care about the school?


ps — Do we still own the Paw/Cyberdog building?

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