We will get the ballot right next time, just give us the $100 million. — 3/16/2011

March 16, 2011:

RBHS came up with a ballot question that understates the true cost ($148) of its sought-after tax hike by more than 70 percent. (One could look at the number they used ($44) and say, ‘RB understated by more than 200 percent.’ But let’s be charitable.)

If this is not evidence that the turnaround is stalled, who knows what would be ?

From the Landmark:

“When the state equalizer is applied to the equation, you get closer to the amount that Dist. 208 officials themselves have been stating all along.

“For tax year 2009, the state equalizer is 3.3701. A residential property valued at $100,000 is assessed in Cook County at 10 percent, or $10,000. When you multiply that number by the state equalizer, you get $33,701 – the equalized assessed value of that $100,000 property. When you then apply the proposed tax increase (.44) to that number, the actual increase in the tax bill is $148.28, not $44. For a home valued at $300,000 the estimated increase in taxes (3 x $148.28) is $444.84”


Accountability starts when someone is held accountable.

P.S. What up with holding someone accountable for the illegal ad ?

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