Weighty insights, by “Objective Analysis,” at RB Landmark — 3/13/2011

March 13, 2011:

Article comment by: Objective Analysis

Why I am voting “No” on the RB Referendum – The tale of two fallacies

Fallacy #1: If we do not pass the referendum, we will lose our best teachers and will fail to attract the most promising and brightest teaching candidates.

Reality #1: There is a glut of certified, young, intelligent, and passionate teacher candidates. New teachers often times tend to work harder and involve themselves in more extracurricular activities than their tenured (protected) counterparts.

… and …

Fallacy #2: If we don’t pass the referendum, our homes will lose value.

Reality #2: Our homes will lose value if property taxes are driven to a higher level. When potential homebuyers evaluate a housing decision, they factor in the following to determine affordability(A): mortgage payment (B), insurance (C), and property tax (D). A = B+C+D. Elementary algebra dictates that if quality can be maintained, higher property taxes will lead to lower mortgage payment affordability, and hence, lower property values.

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