Notifying Olmstedians about the TIF — 11-28-06

dear riverside info reader: following please find two 11-28-2006 emails that i sent to olmstedians and preservationists around the country ot alert them to what i considered to be the threat to the legacy we are entrusted with preserving. best regards, chris

7:49 am:
Dear all, later today I will forward to you an astonishingly bad TIF plan for downtown riverside. I believe very deeply that this plan must be stopped. We have a few well-intentioned, but frankly inexperienced, pro-development trustees in office just now. They are responding to sincere requests to “do something” in our downtown with quite the wrong remedy. The village staff simply wants more revenue and exhibits zero concern for our heritage in these matters.

I ask each of you to review the plan, especially the eligibility memorandum, which cites downtown riverside for ‘failing to benefit from a community plan’ and calls one of our premiere parks “blighted,” and then — if you feel as I do that olmsted’s legacy is too precious to be tossed up for grabs in commercial redevelopment — please use your platform to speak out. this plan is an outrage. Naop has already sided with the angels on this, but we will need charlie beveridge to speak before this is all over. I apologize for intruding on your days as I am, but I think this is the big one. More info to follow. Thank you thank you, best, chris

4:48 pm:

dear all,

attached please find the draft riverside tif plan and project.

i think any fair and independent review of this by individuals with background in inner-ring suburban infill redevelopment, Olmsted, historic preservation, or even simply knowledge of riverside and its special place in the history of architecture, design and landscape will find it irredeemably flawed.

the two main narrative sections are the introduction and attachment #6, the eligibility memorandum. the most offensive language is in attachment #6, but the entire plan is a disappointment.

thank you for your time, we will contact you shortly with more information.



POSTED THURSDAY DEC 28, 2006 11:00 #
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