Scariano law firm represents D208 on TIF — 3/11/07

dear all,

here is what i know re the schools reaction to the tif proposal. neither have spoken publicly / officially about its impact on their own financials. both have said — at different meetings — that they are waiting for the village to provide ‘more specific data,’ or words to that effect, before fully briefing the idea. the scariano law firm — very highly respected ed. / municipal law firm — and very experienced in general education law and presumably in tifs, though i do not personally know its tif experience, is now representing both districts. scariano has represented district 96 for years. at the last 208 board meeting that i attended, it was announced that the firm would also represent 208 on the tif matter. what does this mean? this means that both districts have retained accomplished representation to advocate for them in their respective dealings with the village and — presumably — on the joint review board as well.

personal comment: i get the feeling that both districts think the tif is a done deal, in fact, at one recent bd meeting, i heard a board member quote a trustee’s statement in a landmark article some weeks ago to the effect — in the director’s words — that the trustees were simply waiting for the election and then they would enact it. i also heard at one meeting an expression to the effect that ‘this is the village’s matter and we have no business commenting. we must remain on the sidelines.’ i do not feel that way.
best, chris robling

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