Support the Board as It Addresses RB’s Problems — 3/8/2012

Posted: Thursday, March 08, 2012
Article comment by: chris robling

the teachers need not have had these talks. they are entitled to our performance. we should keep our bond with them cheerfully and fully.

we face this because we elected Jim Marciniak, Larry Herbst, Sue Klienmeyer, MariAnn Liebrandt, Bill McCloskey and Karen Bensfield, and they agreed in 2008 to a contract they could not pay and we could not afford.

since they acted officially in our name, we are stuck. because this board and its predecessor have already cut some $2 million or more in administrative and other areas, to fund next year’s teacher raises we have to fire teachers. thus do awful consequences flow from poorly considered decisions.

when the teachers opened these talks, i thanked them and saluted their courage. i suggest we now enter a phase of community discussion aimed at strengthening the board in writing a totally new contract that represents our desire for the best school we can afford. it cannot repeat the generosity of the current contract, with raises over seven percent per year, or its predecessor, the three-year so-called ‘catch-up contract,’ with raises of roughly 10 percent per year.

nor can it be defined by some two-and-a-half dozen memoranda of understanding, the sum of which vests day-to-day authority over our school in the union, and not our superintendent.

the teachers are always entitled to the best deal they can negotiate.

so are we.

cheers, c

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