Teaching “Curious” About Triage @ RBHS — 3/9/2012

“Curious” started with its typical inanities again, and so i said…

There are none so blind as those who will not see . . .

1. Rationalize spending to income

2. Impose management where there was none

3. Build a great RB from there

4. FWIW, from May 7, 2011, over at riversideinfo.org:

So, to make it very simple: The community has definitively found RB, great things going on there notwithstanding, to have serious problems and thus to be in need of similarly serious improvements. Revanchists may get with that, or they may report back to fantasyland. Looking backward to false interpretations, and trying desperately to advance them as new ideas, may be the best [they] can do. The rest of us are finished with all of that. In fact, thousands of us took part in ending it. We have already moved forward.

“Curious Resident” then said:

Pompous quips will not help you gain believers, nor votes next spring.

1) To rationalize spending to income in advance of a defined vision foolishly risks excessive attrition.

2) No problem with this. Improve management.

3) It takes years to build it back and I predict a passed operating fund referendum will be required to attain the level of performance our community expects. Why cut more than you know you want to end up with?

There was a single failed “save everything” referendum, but it is a small group’s fantasy that “the community has definitely found RB to have serious problems”. I’ve heard nothing but positive comments about RB’s academic performance.

RB has increasing enrollment, increasing costs and has not has not received an increase in operating fund revenue since the passed referendum in 2000. http://www.rbhs208.org/Aug12Finance.pdf

We have a vision problem and a financial problem. I’d suggest we start with defining what we want RB to be and then (if need be) compromise from there based on what we are able/willing to fund.

So i had to say…

yikes this is tiresome.

but — it is vital that an RBEA CBA beneficiary make these statements repeatedly as you do. i only wish more voters and taxpayers saw them. if so, we would gain even more than the 79 percent of “believers” (your word, not mine) currently tallied.

your math sounds novel. perhaps a restatement of the last board’s theorem? to wit, “we spend, so we have friends.”

the notion that we ‘keep spending w/out rationalizing expenditures to revenues’ so we may discuss indefinitely our vision, ranks up there, balance-sheet-wise, with (2 + 2) = (5).

unfortunately for our credit rating — and more immediately our fiscal viability as a going concern — ($20 million) > ($18 million), so $20 million must come down to $18 million — at least for now.*

but maybe you know other math, such that: ($20 million of spending) against ($18 million of revenue) does not expend ($2 million of reserve) if and only if (we are talking about vision).

w/o your proof, printed and vetted, i dare say it’s an irresponsible path to take. but maybe my vision is skewed.

and let us not forget to mesh your reply to point 2, “No problem with this. Improve management,” with your position on point 1, ‘keep spending.’

since lax management implies waste and inefficiency, many people prefer to fix management before spending more than is absolutely needed… to limit any losses to waste.

how does this sound to you?

from your expression, my sense is the RBEA CBA view is, “spend now, spend later, we can talk all you want about vision. just keep spending.” funny that some 80 percent of our RB spending goes to… RBEA CBA beneficiaries. more on that later.

*figures rough — for illustrative purposes only.

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