Bias or a New Public Square? — 12/28/06

From Riversideinfo, a discussion arose as to bias in the forum, the new public square… 

dear xxxxxx,

since i am not anti-tif to begin with, and since i have begun to use this site to share my thoughts, i would like to point out that this site’s great utility is that it is allowing people of various views to exchange them in a respectful setting. kim [an originator of the forum] says she is anti-tif, and that is her right and i beleive that to be her sincerely held position, which i respect. but her labor has allowed me to propagate my two cents on the question, which i also appreciate. so, even if kim has her own opinion, i think it undervalues the contribution of her workand of this site to categorize it, let alone dismiss it as “agenda” driven, except if that agenda is described as public conversation.

as to your comment on tif’s over all, please take a few minutes to read my posts, as i will read yours.

tifs are neither good nor bad in themselves. they succeed when well-planned and fail when not. they are only a tool and like all other tools in the municipal tool box, they can be used well or not, and they can be planned well or not.

the great opportunity we now have thanks to the trustees postponing action is to institute the appropriate level of planning so that our confidence level in riverside’s next steps, whether they include a special tax district, a fight for home rule, a tif or anything else, a combination of these or none of these, will significantly increase relative to a shared vision for what riverside should be for the next 20 – 40years.

and in that this forum, i think, will play a terrific part.

POSTED THURSDAY DEC 28, 2006 17:39 #

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