A Once-in-a-Career Opportunity — 5/7 + 11/2009

A Once-in-a-Career Opportunity

Each of us who is committed enough to Riverside to use this website should scratch his or her head to think about possible strong candidates for this opening.

Someone conversant in municipal leadership, Olmsted, preservation and park management would be a great addition to Olmstedia.

The farther and wider this and our village website address, included below, are distributed — the more choices for our president and trustees and the better it will be for all of us.

On another thread I participate in a conversation about reconciliation and progress. This is perhaps the single most important step we can take towards both. Regardless of who we supported in the election, this vacancy now must be filled and that means all of us can help. Please promulgate widely.

Village Manager
Riverside, IL

The Village of Riverside, IL, a National Historic Landmark and the only completed Olmsted planned community, is accepting applications for its Village Manager position.

Reporting to a seven person Village Board, the Village Manager will perform a variety administrative, supervisory and professional work in planning, developing, and administering the total operations and overall basic policies as established by the Village Board, including:

• Preparing, submitting and overseeing the administration of an annual budget and long-range financial plan.
• Preparing and submitting justifications for capital improvements, including reviewing funding alternatives, analyzing costs, and preparing recommendations.
• Reporting on any specific municipal activity as requested by the Village Board and responding to citizen requests relative to Village services.
• Attending meetings of local, regional, state, and other elected and appointed official bodies to represent the interests of the Village.
• Responsibility for Village employees, providing leadership to department heads, establishing goals, conducting regular staff meetings.
• Promoting and maintaining responsive community relations.

Work is performed under the direction of the Village Board with wide latitude for the application of independent professional judgment. Work is subject to review by the Village Board for results accomplished.

Ideal candidates will have a degree from a four-year college or university with major course work in public or business administration, political science, public policy, or closely related field. A master’s degree in public or business administration or closely related field is a plus. A proven record of success in municipal management, including experience as a City/Village Manager or Administrator or an Assistant City/Village Manager or Administrator is required.

Resumes along with a detailed salary history may be emailed to resume@riverside.il.us , faxed to ( 708 ) 447-2704 or mailed to Village President, Village of Riverside, 27 Riverside Road, Riverside, IL 60546. EOE

POSTED THURSDAY MAY 7, 2009 11:39 #

Lest it be overlooked — the new Riverside VM would also best have a working knowledge of, and perhaps some specific professional connection to, historic preservation and cultural landscapes. One hopes there is a broad consensus to be especially interested in candidates who have played a part in — say — successfully revitalizing historic central business districts in 19th century inner-ring suburbs.

Such background will certainly be a concern of our officials in the interviewing and hiring process. Our NHL status is at the top of the posting and at least five of the six identified responsibilities depend to some extent on knowledge of historic preservation.

To put this in recruitment terms, if there are perhaps 175 senior municipal managers currently in the Chicago region, I would not be surprised if, say, only 25 – 35 have experience in historic preservation. Of those, perhaps 5 to 10 have historic landscape background — maybe. And that’s a big maybe. In a region that has grown through 60 years of sprawl, very little municipal attention has been paid to historical landscapes. Such individuals — combining the preservation and municipal management sides of the job — are not plentiful. Perhaps we are headed toward an up-and-comer who seeks to make his or her name here over the next decade.

Other things equal, the VM candidate bringing such background would — appropriately — seek and deserve more compensation than the candidate who does not.

POSTED MONDAY MAY 11, 2009 13:53 #
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