An Evening of Olmsted — 3/10/2007

An Evening of Olmsted:
Dealing with Contemporary Needs while Maintaining and Preserving Olmsted Sites
The Reflections of Three Experts

Susan West Montgomery, Trustee, National Association for Olmsted Parks

Vicki Ranney, Associate Editor, Frederick Law Olmsted Papers

David Bahlman, President, Landmarks Illinois

Township Hall
Monday, April 2, 6:30 pm


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dear all,

as those of you who participated in the workshops know, the national association for olmsted parks, of which i am a trustee, has promised a substantive program on the topic captioned above. we are delighted that vicki, susan and david have found the time to come and speak, and that schedules allow them to do so before the referendum, and further consideration of the tif idea.

vicki, as i am sure most of you know, is a noted scholar of olmsted, with numerous publications to her credit. susan west montgomery, from washington, d.c., has been one of NAOP’s key people on the post 9-11 u.s. capitol grounds rebuilding (the grounds are yet another olmsted work). david is well-known to illinois preservationists as one of the standout state preservation leaders in the entire country. he has numerous successes to date, but perhaps none as globally renowned as the then-LPCI (the name was shortened last year) shared success in saving farnsworth house.

each is aware of the tif proposal and the workshops. each is aware of analogous circumstances and precedents. i frankly do not know what any of them will say on the second, but i know each will speak from the heart, about a subject they know extraordinarily well and care about deeply.

i understand that the village is taking steps to secure digital video recording and broadcast the event on ch 6. unfortunately, monday the 2nd is the night of a village board meeting, at 7:30, so the trustees will be taking their leave then, after hearing the first hour of the program.

this is not a panel. rather, i think of it as a joint appearance, with three separate addresses. questions and answers will follow.

NAOP has expressed concern over the current tif plan and the possibility that untoward density could impair riverside’s character. we have also advocated comprehensive planning.

if you want to learn more about olmsted, and hear how these nationally known experts treat the issues with which we have been grappling since last summer, then i think this event will be of interest. i can say unequivocally that each is a stirring speaker with a lot to say.

for more info: [phone number]



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