Early TIF Opposition — 12/29/2006

Chris – I find your input valuable, but do want to make sure I understand your global position. As I read through your posts, my summary is that 1) you recognize a need for a re-development of portions of the CBD, 2) you are not necessarily against a pay-as-you-go TIF, and 3) you obviously feel there was insufficient planning in the current Redevelopment Plan. Do you feel that a TIF with the proper Redevelopment Plan is something you would support? I apologize for the paraphrasing, but do want to make sure I understand your position.

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reply to mike sedivy querie of 06-12-28, 17:57:

thanks for reading my stuff.

i think a ‘tif with the proper redevelopment plan,’ as you put it, is something i could support — but i emphasize could, not would.

i think the administration has fallen back many yards on this play. in one of my november emails, which is posted above, as well as in my personal remarks to the board back at that time, i raise the judgment issue as well as planning and financials. it is my opinion that this administration has credibility ground to make up just to return to the prior line of scrimmage, so to speak. katy’s january 8 planning process must be fully elaborated, well-managed, inclusive and befitting a global landmark masterpiece of planning, design and architecture. the kane-mckenna document, as i hope to explicate soon, was an insult.

so, the administration’s new commitment to the sort of openness, transparency and uniformity of rule application that i think is rightly questioned based on recent history must be clear throughout this process.

for riverside to thrive, whatever we decide to do, tif or no tif, we must end up with both the right plan and the right people to implement it. frankly, i doubt we have the right individuals on board to implement a tif, should we as a village in due course become convinced that the comprehensive plan, financials, specifics and alternatives analysis all end up grounding an appropriate tif solution.

i may be wrong. commitment to a rigorous and thorough visioning and planning process, with a first-rate alternatives analysis and a clear statement of how and under what procedures funds would be expended will show if current staff is up to it. based on the village center debacle, i am skeptical, but i would love to be shown otherwise.

so i guess i seek three distinct but interrelated indices: sound plan, compelling financials and proven judgment in historic preservation redevelopment. i think the first two are possibly achievable through our new process. the third is in my opinion reasonably implicated and at best, as yet to be determined.

i hope this helps. here’s to the forum.



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