Iterative Board-Resident Interaction — 4/8/2009

I am all for suggestion boxes. But traditionally, they go one way. I hope for an iterative model in which the public chugs along with its concerns, and officials “announce” their anticipation that “X” will become an issue requiring action, perhaps long before it does. Next the public would brief issue “X” based on its knowledge, experience and expertise. From this public input the officials — and their respective staffs — would learn. And the public, in its turn, would know that its statements had been taken into account — that it had “had its say.” No guarantee of agreement, to be sure. Rather — a guarantee of early and constructive involvement that welcomes public expertise and creates the possibility that officials will benefit therefrom in a timely manner.

Thank you, Idic5.

Other ideas?

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Meetings are terrific and nothing is wrong with meetings. Town halls are a great idea for all units of government, and elsewhere. However, this suggestion is in addition to such meetings.

To participate in a meeting, one must turn up at the time and place. If officeholders focus on the web as a social utility, and the correlating understanding of the power of a network, then we can — of course — benefit from such meetings when they take place, but we will also realize an enormous benefit by providing residents a 24/7 interaction / input opportunity. By definition, the successful and knowledgeable person from whose expertise Districts 96 and 208, or the village, could benefit, is busy.

Furthermore, there is a considerable degree of topic management, issue identification and curriculum (bibliography) building the conversations can employ to create a nearly encyclopaedic brief on any given prospective issue. (If you are in this area professionally then you know I am referring in part to cloud computing document management.)

Underlying this idea is the fundamental belief that none of us is as smart as all of us, and the additional observation that a village of 9,000, with perhaps 1000 committed activists, or for that matter the respective districts of 96 and 208, are each well-sized for this kind of invitation and inclusion.

I will toss out another reconciliation idea tomorrow. Please refine, ignore, improve or add. Thanks for these reactions.

POSTED WEDNESDAY APR 8, 2009 13:57 #
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