Report on “An Evening of Olmsted” — 4/3/2007

dear all,

we had about 60 attendees, got underway at about 6:40, and adjourned a little after 8:30.

program was opened by jack wiaduck. charlie pipal spoke briefly and had to leave soon after. i think the presentations by david bahlman, vicki ranney and concluding with susan west-montgomery were truly first-rate.

network 6 / cable commission broadcast live and i was told it will be rebroadcast for a while. presumably their schedule is on the village web site.

questions went about an hour. there must have been about 20. i think it was a lively discussion.

in a very pleasant pre-event reception, the speakers, charlie, diane, jim, members of the flos board, jack and several trustees, katy and some of our village staff got together in the village offices for some relaxed conversation.

for anyone interested in naop, there are brochures at the village office and all are welcome

this is naop’s second riverside visit in less than a year. we dedicated a tree in honor of ed straka with jack, joan, ted and connie at dean and ella mae’s last may. all of us are looking forward to our next event here, whenever that might be.

thanks and best,

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dear david / all, here is the first, will post the more up-beat closing quote later:

”I have done a good deal of good work in my way, but it is constantly
and everywhere arrested, wrecked, mangled and misused.”

Frederick Law Olmsted, approx 1870s.

POSTED TUESDAY APR 3, 2007 16:51 #

What artist so noble, as he, who,
with far-reaching conception of beauty and designing-power,
sketches the outlines, writes the colors, and directs the shadows,
of a picture so great that Nature shall be employed on it for generations,
before the work he has arranged for her shall realize his intentions.

Frederick Law Olmsted
The Spoils of the Park

POSTED TUESDAY APR 3, 2007 19:29 #
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