RSS Pushing Public Agendas — 4/10/2009

My note today builds from a point made by Don. It is very simple and less long-range than my first suggestion — using document management and long-term issue-identification to invite resident expertise in a coordinated manner — made a couple of days ago and narrower than the virtual trusteeship idea yesterday.

Perhaps each of the public bodies being discussed, the village and districts 96 and 208, should provide RSS service to push out their various agendas no less than one week in advance of their meetings. Obviously, in the village case, that would include all of the commission agendas as well as the board of trustees’. On the school side, it would include the committees. This is the 21st century improvement on 19th century “posting,” which requires the public to “go to them,” so to speak. Using push technology in this way, once one registers with the individual district or village, the public body is responsible for electronically delivering the information. If people are interested in an item, then they could, under the virtual trusteeship concept mentioned yesterday, access that agenda item documentation from the board packet for the particular meeting.

This approach provides levels of involvement that meet the participant’s degree of interest and provides another opportunity for the officials and staffs of the public bodies to keep their focus on their constituents, whence they derive their authority.

I think it goes to reconciliation because it invites everyone to take part at their level of interest and it diffuses surprise agenda items. It leads to progress by further informing the public of what must be done at the official meetings, which refines public comment…

…which will be my next topic, on Monday. Thanks and Happy Easter / Happy Passover.

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