Some ideas on athletics and RB — 5/5/2010

Some ideas on athletics and RB

I cannot go tonight to the forum on athletics. One of my kids is being recognized for some of his achievements, and I am proud to go with him and clap for what he has done.

But it means I will miss the forum, so here are my ideas, fwiw:

1. The job name should be changed to “Dean of Athletics.”

2. All athletics, phys ed, intra-mural and inter-scholastic, should be provided on the basis of a stated plan that is fully integrated into the EDUCATIONAL mission of RBHS — with a mission, objectives, strategy, tactics, etc.

3. The principal purpose of all athletics at RBHS should be analogous to its educational effort: As the academics teach kids how to learn, athletics should teach kids how to stay fit for the rest of their lives.

4. In the midst of the worst obesity epidemic in recorded history, which results mainly from sedentary habits and high-caloric diets, RBHS should dedicate itself to graduating physically fit students who have learned how to practice lifetime fitness.

5. Just as academics meets students where they are and leads them to the extent of their ability through honors classes to AP level work, so should athletics lead students to the full expression of their talents and abilities.

6. All of the team and Booster fundraising should be unified so there is one goal, one method of raising funds and one set of books that is well-kept, open and available. The School has recently said Boosters are an independent group, which is false and misleading. Boosters should be in charge of all of the fundraising, do it once for all athletics per year and maintain itself as an Illinois 501c(3), or appropriate equivalent, on an open and transparent basis.

I hope everyone has a great discussion tonight.

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