Stop This [TIF] Plan — 11/28/2006

dear riverside info reader: this is an 11/28/2006 email that built on widespread negative reaction to the TIF document’s eligibility memo. more on that later. best regards, chris robling
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dear (recipient),

my opinion:

1. stop this plan
2. re-direct to a truly comprehensive visioning and planning
process, which will take one year and will thoroughly thrash out every
point we need to cover
3. hold the administration accountable for this outrage.

i agree with your point re downtown.

but their assertion is in my opinion even more insidious and thus more
deeply troubling. if you read the ‘eligibility memo’ carefully, as i am
sure you have, you find it is the most anti-preservation doc published
by riverside certainly since the 1970 nhl designation. it is anathema
to EVERYTHING the place is and stands for. it grounds a repudiation of
the preservation ethic because it equates age with obsolescence. here
is a flavor: ” As a whole, the area suffers from poor design and layout
which is manifested in several instances…”

i am almost at the point of saying it grounds a clear-cutting of the


i do not think we have yet developed the basis on which to determine
whether a tif in downtown is / is not called for. i am prepared to
support a pay-as-you-go tif for downtown, but NOT before all of the
appropriate steps are taken, and CERTAINLY NOT on the basis of this
outrageous doc (pls see below).

i think a tif right now for harlem avenue might be a brilliant idea, and
i wish i had thought of it. i just learned on sunday from jim louthen
that berwyn is now — under its reasonable new administration —
initiating a sub-area plan for its side of the harlem / bnsf
intersection. this is a once-in-a-generation opportunity for us to
better develop a neglected part of our town which has the traffic to be
successful in concert with our neighbor.

i am appalled at the notions of increasing traffic and ‘modernizing’ our

the more i read, the worse this gets.



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