Elizabeth Warren as a view into the administration — 9/28/2011

given the extent to which some were willing to push her for the so-called finance consumer authority, my sense is she is an exemplar of the thinking that goes on in the administration. in the very updated and specific way that harvard-trained anthropologist stanley kurtz lays out in his book, she is as much of a socialist as is our Radical-in-Chief. of course, 50s socialism and its mental images are no more an option today than 50s republicanism or 50s democrat – ism.

in fact, since the 70s (after the failure of folks epitomized by our long-posting friend here to affect any noticeable change in the ordering of contemporary society), and on through to today, the american left has evolved quite opportunistically and adaptively. outright ownership of the means of production has in contemporary american socialist literature for most been discarded in favor of a complex of centrally-controlled regulatory mandates, which are well represented, but not very well represented, by obamacare. dodd frank and epa overreach are other examples. the regulatory / admnistrative process controls provide government with the effective authority to deploy resources, without the brazen takeovers of 20th century revolutionaries and attendant hostility from the middle class.

thus was barack obama trained in his community organizer phase, etc. etc.

of course, the LSM derides any such analysis, but i appreciate ms. warren for her honesty and the clarity with which she advocates her views, leaving no doubt that the very slender reed holding property rights is in fact elite opinion. should elite opinion change — then all others must fall-in to a new line. our betters know best.

it’s a noxious view of life, liberty and governement for which — had she been watching — ms warren would have seen, according to harvard university press’ figures, the extermination of almost 100 million folks in its laboratories of progress, such as the great leap forward, the cultural revolution and the soviet seizure of agriculture.

this is the face of 21st century american socialsim, properly understood. ignorance that matches its hubris. the great news is she is laying it out for all to hear.

what should we then do ?

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