Goppers and the phony “jobs” bill — 10/12/2011

A question from Don Spatney:

  1. Today every single Republican Senator voted to prohibit even the discussion of the Jobs Bill. Doesn’t that make you angry?

    POSTED TUESDAY OCT 11, 2011 19:50 #
  2. chrisrobling

    um, no. but, since you asked —

    news flash: goppers oppose the plan. the vote was a cheesy set-up.

    it bugs me that when goppers put president obama’s “jobs” (actually tax-hike) plan up for a vote last thursday evening, dems tossed senate history in the trash can just to avoid it.

    that’s what happened when harry reid chose the nuclear option, precisely what bho had argued eloquently against in the 14 minutes he was a u.s. senator, over a vote on the plan. reid was no more swayed by bho’s eloquence than he was by bho’s tax-hiking “jobs” plan. hmmmm.

    if one is looking for folks with whom to be “angry”, how about senate dems? they changed the nature of the senate for fear of a recorded vote. they have a 53-47 majority, and they avoided a simple majority vote last thursday, so no one in the universe — including them — expected them to muster 60 votes yesterday. that’s why it was a cheesy set-up. in the event they only had 49 votes, so dems are actually going backwards on the plan. (please interpret as you see fit.) it’s about 900 days and the dems continue to fail their annual legal duty as the senate majority to pass a budget. finally, for one who is unreconstructedly left, as one here on this site is, one might be upset that dems failed to enact your policies during the two years they controlled the house, senate and the white house.

    cheers, c

    POSTED WEDNESDAY OCT 12, 2011 05:29 #
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