Obama embraces “Citizens United” — 2/9/2012

when our president takes the nearly, if not completely, unprecedented step of personally upbraiding and admonishing members of the united states supreme court, the peak of an independent and co-equal branch of the u.s. government, at a state of the union address, for the court’s holding on citizens united, and then spends months barnstorming against the judgment, its effects and practicalities, and then, on a monday night, in the february of the year of his campaign for re-election, lustily embraces the campaign finance fruit of citizens united, i think we have solid grounds on which to say, “ok, that was a political tirade, a jaunt into scoring debate points, sound and fury signifying not very much at all,” and to move on to something serious, like private job creation for the millions of unemployed and downtrodden.

if bho’s criticism was serious, now he is a hypocrite. if he was kidding, then he now makes all of his loyal supporters, like tom here above, and zillions of others, into fools.

for the left, principles do not apply — except that of power.

cheers, c

ps: corporations have been persons in the eyes of US law since about 1810.

POSTED THURSDAY FEB 9, 2012 11:13 #
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