ObamaNomics — 2/14/2012

  1. Economics since January 20, 2009:

    January 20, 2009 TODAY CHANGE

    Unemployed Americans
    12.05 million 12.76 million up 0.7 million

    Total Jobs
    133.6 million 132.4 million down 1.2 million

    Unemployment Rate
    7.8% 8.3% up 6.4%

    Gas Prices
    $1.85 $3.51 up 90%

    Home Values
    $169,700 $147,800 down 13%

    Worker Health Insurance Costs
    $3,354 $4,129 up 23%

    College Tuition
    $6,591 $8,244 up 25%

    Americans in Poverty
    39.8 million 46.2 million up 6.4 million

    Food Stamp Recipients
    32 million 46 million up 45%

    Misery Index
    7.8 11.3 up 45%

    Federal Debt
    $10.6 trillion $15.4 trillion up 44%

    Debt per person
    $34,731 $49,058 up $14,327/person, or 41%

    U.S. Global Competitiveness
    1st 5th down 4 places

    POSTED TUESDAY FEB 14, 2012 14:52 #


    Really? Come on.

    You go out of your way to list 13 indices, but don’t bother showing at least 1 that is positive? You don’t happen to fuel the fire, do you?

    You crop the timeframe to coincide with Obama’s first day in office, without even mentioning that the previous captain had just run the ship into the iceberg? You don’t happen to thus be conveniently representing a half-truth by omitting context?

    You don’t happen to be a paid partisan pundit? (Not paid on this forum, I’ll give you that.)

    Happy Valentine’s Day, my friend.

    POSTED TUESDAY FEB 14, 2012 20:22 #
  2. chrisrobling

    not paid at all. i am a true believer, and true believers have every right to participate.

    hey, obama knew what he was getting into. he had dem majorities in house and senate. he passed what he wanted — and he promised what he promised. all of that was up to him — not you, not me.

    and he knew he’d be judged. it’s the process. please put up the X-number of indicia of his success. you choose ’em. fine with me. when we are paying $5 per gallon f gas in 10 or so weeks, count on me to update that one, too.

    the truth is president obama has spent us into stratospheric debt and scariness. it is his ‘god complex,’ to use your term. before any question gets fully asked, his answers are:

    — expand government to address this issue
    — spend more money, at the rate of 39 borrowed cents per dollar
    — raise taxes

    if that’s the way to go — we have our man.

    happy valentine’s day.

    POSTED TUESDAY FEB 14, 2012 22:16 #
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