Progress in 20th c.? — 2/19/2012


One more thing:

“why data will help us now after a century in which people like me promised it would, but instead we ended up seeing some 100 million die from totalitarianism, much of which was predicated on data…”

I would really like to find out if we agree on this one: is there more democarcy in today’s world than 100 years ago? On average, is today’s world better than it was 100 years ago? Is today’s world, on average, more fair than it was 100 years ago? I believe so. Do you?

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“…inevitably gives weight to a status quo that i believe deserves contempt and suspicion.”

i think we have improved, but with unacceptable costs? communism’s black book, from yale university press, tallies a high cost indeed. add victims of the axis powers and you are in the more than 130 million realm. with 25,000 dying from hunger daily, how fair are we? how far have we really come?

i had a seminar with nobel laureate oliver williamson — who teaches at berkeley that the failure of bureaucracy is the biggest story of the 20th century. i agree.

as to me and science — i ask for a bit of accuracy. i have never denied the conclusion of what you call the “98 percent.” i have said i know there are two sides to that and all other stories, and that i don’t know which side is right. the agreement of experts should be viewed with as much skepticism as the claims of politicians.

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