We’ll Tell You What You Can Investigate — 4/10/2011

  1. We’ll tell you what you can investigate.

    Read “Radical in Chief,” by Stanley Kurtz (PhD, anthropology, Harvard). Not a paragraph re the birth certificate issue. 65 pages of footnotes from source documents in 70 libraries, none of which you have ever seen before, i guarantee you.

    I have internalized the fact that BHO, for some personal reason, does not want the certificate itself released. Big deal. It seems he was born in Hawaii. Should it turn out that he in fact is constitutionally unqualified, then it is a big deal. I am not researching it.

    We are discussing this now ONLY because the press ignored the issue in its limitless desire to see BHO become president. It would not have done so had BHO been a conservative iso the most liberal U.S. Senator. So what else is new?

    But by the same token, I hardly think those who wish to check the constitutional qualifications of the president of the United States to hold that office should be excoriated for their temerity. Does it strike anyone as unsettling that the left attacks those who ask? That it vilifies them for the act of checking?

    Maybe I am wrong. Maybe all of us should only do what BHO supporters want us to do. Maybe BHO supporters should be free first to not investigate, and then to order the rest of us not to investigate, and then to attack anyone who questions the non-investigation or who investigates. Maybe it would be best for the rest of us simply to give our constitutional rights to the BHO supporters for the duration. Would that make everything easier ?

    One may reasonably ask what liberal activists would be saying / doing had a conservative president wafted into office w such a question unanswered. One suspects loud complaining, constant digging ’till the truth was reached, and trumpeted results should they implicate the conservative’s presidency. Why should others act differently? [An impossible thought experiment, I concede, given the fourth estate’s committed liberalism, but thank you for trying.]

    IMHO, because I believe BHO was born in Hawaii, and has an inconvenient something on his birth certificate, his intellectual history is considerably more significant. What has he thought and believed, where, when and why? Who are his influences? What is his emphasis? What does he see himself achieving in public life? Etc.

    Again, the press ignored this in 2007 and 2008. Who knows why — it is impossible to ask “the press.” Kurtz seeks answers through documentary research. He is by no means the final word. Maraniss (sp?) of the Washington Post is coming out with his book. Remnick is out with his. And there are others…

    Any reasonable observer with knowledge of prior presidential campaigns would say that BHO became president with a level of scrutiny that was wholly less than those before him. One might even say it was strikingly out of balance with the historical significance of his election.

    Thus, while some may criticize those who exercise their rights to know who is leading our country, i suggest It is best for them to explain why the rest of us have no right to the truth, whatever it may be, and what they would do, honestly, were the tables turned.

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