Note on needed audit of $65 million construction spend — 10-11-2011

In this article:

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Riverside-Brookfield HS board frustrated with boiler, pool issues D208 could take contractor to court

i toss in the following, at the bottom:

Some school board members were frustrated that problems were cropping up so soon after the renovation and addition was completed.

“We have a brand new building, and we’re having these problems,” said board member John Keen. “I think it’s frustrating to hear that.”

Chris Robling, who served on the Citizens Advisory Council that consulted with the school board before the renovation project started, said he still supported an audit of the project.

On Oct. 3 he repeated that call.

“Especially in view of the school’s likely desire to seek another referendum, RB, without incurring unnecessary expense, owes the district no less for our $60 million,” said Robling.

and later added this comment:

From the Riverside-Brookfield Landmark, Posted: Thursday, October 13, 2011
Article comment by: chris robling

intersting that some think taking $60 million and not
reporting what happened with it is ok.

wonder what world they live in.

might it be one in which they do not want others to know what happened with the $60 million ?

i mean, aside from the pool ventilation system
that’s failed and the boiler that’s malfunctioning ?

when i raised this
at the komarek forum in february, a former board member turned up at the next
meeting to say ‘the absolute LAST thing we need is any kind of audit or review
or report, the $60 million is here to be seen by anyone who walks through the

i disagree.

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