Note on how the old board failed us on negotiations — 6-14-2011

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If RBHS coaches are cut, volunteers won’t step in
Contract doesn’t allow free help if jobs eliminated

From the Riverside-Brookfield Landmark, Posted: Friday, June 17, 2011

Article comment by: chris robling

Please do not blame the teachers.

Their union is supposed to advocate for them. It did.

Our board is supposed to advocate for us. It did not.

After working through the outgoing administration’s faulty list of proposed budget cuts, and seating Dr. Skinkis, the new board will undoubtedly officially and appropriately engage contract terms to discuss the contract with the union.

We shall see what results.

For now, it does little good to attack the union for doing what it is engaged to do.

As for the old board . . .

It says quite a lot that the only board member today who was present when the union contract was approved is the one who voted “no.”

It appears to be the way most voters would have reacted as well.

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