The Komarek Debate — 3/8/2011

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Forum airs both sides of referendum debate 
More than 100 people attend event at Komarek School


Citizens and school officials backing a tax referendum for Riverside-Brookfield High School found themselves on the defensive last week, countering anti-referendum arguments by Riverside resident Chris Robling during a two-hour forum on the subject at Komarek School in North Riverside on March 2.

During a half-hour presentation, Robling – looking part preacher, part scholastic debater, part seasoned campaigner – argued that until governance and accountability at the high school change, voters should take a pass.

Robling characterized the referendum question as “the largest tax hike in your community’s history.”

“Money is not going to solve the problem,” Robling said. “You’ve got to have vision, you’ve got to have oversight. … If the board sets a policy, [they have] a concurrent responsibility to make sure that policy is being executed in accordance with the board mandate. That’s not what is happening. That’s been our governance problem.”

Robling pointed to what he believes represents the past mismanagement of the school board – from the creating and funding of The Paw/Cyberdog Café concept to the issuance of working cash bonds without seeking voter approval to the lack of an audit of the 2006 building bond issuance – as the reason to be wary of the current referendum request.

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