Conveying the Public A.D. Discussion — 5-11-10

Posted: Tuesday, May 11, 2010
Article comment by: chris robling

Dear President Marciniak, Board Members, Dr. Bonnette and Board Secretary Ms. Nardi:

The RB Parent Committee, an open forum of community parents, hosted a discussion on May 5, 2010 at the North Riverside Public Library to encourage public input directly to you about preferred attributes in an Athletic Director and RB’s athletic program, for your upcoming decisions.

Attached herewith are the forum notice, agenda and an unedited recording of the proceedings (approximately 60 minutes). Also, we include a link to a presentation that indexes points raised by the forum panelists and attendees. It runs about nine minutes:

The YouTube slide show is also available to the public and Riverside Network 6 will make their recording available to the public.

This forum was convened on short notice in reaction to news reports of Board decisions. It was announced in the RB Landmark and Suburban Life, and on their respective websites, and on the website. Patrons Council very kindly forwarded our invitation to its list, for which we thank them. We made a special effort to invite Gary Zeleny to join the panel and speak on behalf of RB Boosters. Upon consultation with his Board, Gary declined.

Several Board of Education members attended, as did the interim superintendent.

We think you will be impressed by the quality of the RB parent panelist presentations, the moderator’s insights along the way and indeed by all of the attendee comments. We hope each of you will review the attached recording and point summary and bear these suggestions in mind as you deliberate and act on the new chapter in RB athletics that is just beginning.

Jerry Buttimer
For the RB Parent Committee


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