“It’s time for Herbst to go” — 2-2-10

It’s time for Herbst to go

The proximate cause of the deficits at Riverside-Brookfield High School reported in the Landmark is a contract we could not afford when it was “negotiated” and signed by then-Board president Larry Herbst.

The contract provides annual salary hikes of more than 5 percent for five years, totaling a cumulative pay increase of 32 percent.

All responsibility for this rests with the board majority, led by Herbst, and including now-president Jim Marciniak, Sue Kleinmeyer and MariAnn Leibrandt.

It is time to seek concessions from the teachers formally and forthrightly. Many of RB’s teachers are first-rate and every one of them deserves some security in their income expectations. But the teachers must acknowledge that this community can only do so much.

Other significant spending cuts must be made as well. Our triple-dipping re-employed annuitant athletic director (salary, pension and coaching stipends), is a good place to start.

Finally, but most significantly, it is time for Larry Herbst to step down from the board. As one who has praised Larry for recruiting Dr. David Bonnette and making serious attempts at community involvement, I believe the district has lost whatever confidence in his leadership it had. Surely, it will not approve new funds for RBHS if he is to have a role in their management.

Larry’s tenure will rightly be noted for accomplishments, such as the building program, and a long list of failures, including most prominently the Jack Baldermann fiasco.

Even as of Jan. 24, Larry – and interim assistant principal Troy Gobble – appeared as favorable references on Jack Baldermann’s consulting website. Obviously, their doing so represents personal equanimity over the turmoil Jack brought to RB.

In other words, they just don’t get it. After what we have been through, it is fair to assume they never will. This shows that Larry – and Troy – resolutely face backward, and are incapable of bringing about the future RBHS richly deserves.

Mopping up Larry Herbst’s deficits from his profligate contract make it abundantly clear: It is time for him to go.

Chris Robling

See article: http://www.rblandmark.com/main.asp?Search=1&ArticleID=5800&SectionID=3&SubSectionID=17&S=1 

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