“Not guilty verdict for indicted coach” — 6-24-2009

My two comments on the story you can find at http://www.rblandmark.com/main.asp?TypeID=1&ArticleID=5110&SectionID=1&SubSectionID=1&Page=2

Posted: Wednesday, June 24, 2009
Article comment by: Chris Robling

Let me be very clear: whoever was responsible for the interaction of coaches and kids ought to stand up, say so and take what is coming. I do not know who that was — I am only a constituent reading the article. I mention the names in the article. One would hope that the party would have the honor to say, “I allowed this to happen on my watch.” If not, the structure should investigate and let the chips fall where they may. 

Posted: Wednesday, June 24, 2009
Article comment by: Chris Robling

This is an outrage.

Let’s be very clear, it is uncontested that the grass and equipment was there, and that at all times he was coaching our wrestlers he was under indictment for possession with intent to distribute.

Not one parent voted for an RB that puts someone with $20,000 of grass and distribution equipment at home in close contact with high school kids.

Someone — the athletic director and assistant principal for starters — has to be held accountable.

This is the same RB that decided one year ago it did not need its most qualified drug counselor, and made him leave.

To be an adult boy scout leader, one must pass a security background check, including a police record check. Same to be a Sunday school teacher at most churches. But not at RB?

IHSA says even volunteer coaches must be checked out. Now we know why.

If the A.D. and assistant principal knew and did nothing, they should be fired. If they did not care to know, then they should resign or be fired. No one can remain who has allowed such a breach to take place. How can they be trusted?

It is time for board leadership to cleanse the school and restore public trust. It is what we voted for in April.

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