Yet another reply to Lisa Marciniak… 8-10-12

I have no expectation of changing Lisa’s mind about anything, so the object of this exchange on Riverside Town Connection for me was more to flesh out positions and issues.  In that spirit, the antidote to insomnia awaits . . .

Here is how the surplus happened.

According to Jim Marciniak, whose September 20, 2011 statement in the RB Landmaerk that i quote above, the new board tossed out the old board’s “crib sheet” on how to run a deficit.  Jim was so upset he said the new board “failed Budget 101.”

The new board then focused on savings to stabilize finances.  With Dr. Skinkis, the new board questioned every expenditure.  It is all on the videotape.  By spending less than it took in, District 208 posted a surplus.

My note above uses the figure $58 million because that is, roughly, the value of the bonds sold as a result of the 2006 referendum.  It is one of the few figures about the project we know with any certainty.  Any additional costs associated with the construction project would necessarily have been paid from  other sources.  They also must be accounted for.

Months ago, at a board meeting, Garry Gryzcyn, a former CFO and a University of Chicago MBA, said a personal review of documents indicated the construction project’s total cost may be as high as $66 million.

Since you focus on this spread, one hopes you will join those of us who are asking the board to end the inherited uncertainty created by the Scanlon stonewall.

We deserve to know how much of our money was actually spent, what we got, what works and what still doesn’t, what recourse we have for what we got that does not or has not worked (mal-functioning boilers, pool ventilation, sewer stack, leaky gym, etc.), and what our maintenance requirements and costs are for the new systems and construction.  Right now, no one can definitively answer these questions.

The only way to get there is a full accounting and an audit.

Since public documents and prior board statements say nothing about an audit being announced next week, i do not know what you are referring to.

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