Statement to the RBHSEF board, Wed., Sept. 19, 2012

(In anticipation of a unanimous turn-down by RBHSEF to my check register access request, i prepared the following, and got most of it out in what was a spirited back-and-forth with the board that will not disclose all…)

Remarks for RBHSEF Board

Wednesday, September 19, 2012

Thanks for having me back, my statement is very short.

First, I asked for the 2007 — 990, and the check register between July 2003 and June 2011.

I have now received the 2007 – 990.  So tonight I refresh my request for the check register, and add to that a copy of the original by-laws.

Second, about the 990 – it shows all of the prior shortcomings, discussed last time in detail:

    • filed as a 501 c4 – with all of the question-response routes of a “4”, and none of a “3”
    • no disclosure of officers, quorum, numbers of grants, amounts of grants, subject areas, grant-making procedures, auditing, preparation, etc.
    • but most importantly, the 2007 filing, includes a $49,000 inflow that does not make sense on the face of the document.  RBHSEF recognized this, and directed readers to “Attachment 1.”  I thumbed to Attachment 1, and found — there is no Attachment 1.

Since I was here last, the Riverside Brookfield Landmark reported that RBHSEF conditioned access to its records on a prior agreement that the paper report only on a Foundation-selected topic.

Understandably – and appropriately — RB Landmark declined.

For my part, I took the RBHSEF attempt at prior restraint to indicate it thinks something in its check register is not ready for public disclosure.  Why else would it try to condition access?

This is simply unacceptable for publicly-founded institution that is responsible to the community.

I have been told you will take a vote tonight.  You may meet the disclosure standard, you may not.  You may say yes to me, you may not.

Regardless what you say to me, it changes not at all your obligation to disclose to the high school, the attorney general’s office, the internal revenue service, a judge or – most of all – the community whose school board and $8,000 in April 1987 brought this institution into existence.

The real question you face tonight is, when will you disclose?

Thank you.  I look forward to your vote.


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