Tribune misfires with Duckworth endorsement…,0,5894907.story

Tammy Duckworth is a same-old Madigan/Axelrod Illinois Democrat status quo supporter who thinks it is OK to have no opinion on Social Security and Medicare in year seven of her House campaign.

Joe Walsh stands in a long line of voiciferous Representatives who reflected popular dismay with Beltway Business as Usual.  He is the far better choice for Congress, especially as we approach a Fiscal Cliff and Taxmageddon.

Please click on the link to the Tribune, above.  Thanks.

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One Comment on “Tribune misfires with Duckworth endorsement…”

  1. Art Thinking Says:

    Are you kidding me? In what universe is a racist, delusional man who denies science and fails to dopprt is children a better candidate?

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