Ames School Wreckage — II and III

District 96 officials work hard to keep lid on

My post, after talk had turned to school board candidates…

Posted: Thursday, November 01, 2012
Article comment by: Chris Robling

If you can possibly take the immense amount of time to serve, and take the time to campaign, and you think Mary Ellen and the board royally messed up here, and you will not be drawn in to the internally-focused approach that has been the hallmark of d96 for the last eight or ten years, and is painfully shown here, then by all means please say so and run. Just promise you won’t drink the kool-ade [sic]. The place needs a house cleaning. Nancy Jensen is leaving, but Lisa Gaynor and Mary Ellen should be turned out of office. Please speak up, don’t hold back.

Far from ‘case closed’ at District 96 (editorial)

Posted: Friday, November 02, 2012
Article comment by: chris robling

Thank you, John Mathews, Concerned Community Member, “Meh” and most especially the Landmark.

To, “Parent,” “Pathetic,” “Parent too,” etc…. Not even a nice try. When you say you support someone and you won’t
disclose your identity, it rings hollow, not true. I use my name so I am accountable for what I say. If you hide, you are not accountable, just like you one or several people think it’s OK for Colleen not to be accountable for what she did.

I spoke with Colleen Lieggi on Wednesday morning last week. I have nothing against her personally. But the facts are what they are. In this case, no one with whom I speak (except Colleen herself, and I guess Jon Lamberson, with whom I spoke, too) believes a word from Colleen, Jon, Mary Ellen or D96. When you hide, you tend to confirm those suspicions.

The Board blew this one. The voters will replace the Board. But first, two points:

1. If Mary Ellen does not act to rectify this mess NOW, then we should demand her resignation. “NOW” means now: special meeting before the next board meeting, firing Colleen for cause, installing an interim, taking steps on a
search, the whole deal.

2. This Board should not decide on a successor to Lamberson. It has lost public confidence. The next superintendent is too important for this group to hire. It should work to bequeath solid choices to the new board, four members of which will be newly elected.

thanks, c

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