i think the waters here are very, very deep, as judge napolitano says…

the more facts revealed the better, and the sooner that is done, the better.

agency / bureau institutional strife is a fixed constant that was, i agree with judge napolitano, intensified by bush 43 steps, notwithstanding his familiarity with same via bush 41, etc.

those bush 43 post-9-11 steps are well under the bridge, except insofar as the strife must be factored into any recitation of these events (FBI SAs investigating a DCI) for the recitation to be fully descriptive.

that said, there are two key areas here:

(a) was the relationship underway before general pateaus’ DCI appointment ?  if so, then a lot, including what the judge reviews here, i.e. patraeus was compromised in some respects from the start.

(b) the other, which possibly is contained in the first: did gen. patraeus know about the more recent email investigation before his sept 15 testimony?  if general patraeus knew of the investigation (and it appears from other reports of summertime FBI interviews on the subject that he in fact did), and thus that his job was in the balance, and that his testimony might help him keep his job or lose it, then he was compromised in making those remarks.  iow, the system failed us and our DCI arrived at a place where we have paid a fortune to make sure no one is ever supposed to be.

please note (a) the DNI’s irrelevance here (subject for another note), and (b) gen. pataeus’ september testimony was public and tomorrow’s testimony is private, and (c) considerable unpacking of the 9-15 testimony is in order.

as the roumanians say, nu-mi place.

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