Seeking ‘Ideology’s’ Citation . . .

Posted: Tuesday, December 04, 2012
Article comment by: chris robling

To: ‘Ideology’
“Sinde/Welch/Keen/Buttimer/Robling – their goal is this idealogically ‘pure’ goal of somehow attacking the profession of teaching or making an example of RB’s teachers. For what? I don’t know.”
Speaking for myself, i ask ‘Ideology v. Reality’ to provide a citation.
In fact, i have scrupulously opposed all demonization of teachers, both corporately and indivudually, and i have repeatedly upheld the union’s right to get the very best deal it can for its members, since that is its job.
Feel free to check, where i have rolled up perhaps one hundred posts and emails on the subject.
Happy for the give-and-take, but the topic’s seriousness behooves accuracy.
If achieved, then we can get to — your word — “concessions.”
Cheers, c

to see the exchange, scroll down from the article “Riverside-Brookfield class size rises”  at:

Here is a pretty standard example of what i referred to above, elsewhere on this blog:  “RB teachers, their contract and union — 11/11/2011.”  It’s under “Riverside Brookfield High School — Turnaround”


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