Are professionals responsible?

“Experience and continuing education is highly valuable.”*

All of us make mistakes, but this from our RB-income dependent neighbor “Curious Resident” is unfortunate by any standard. Anyway, nbd.

Now, back to education, and MR’s quite pertinent point.

I have long wanted to cross this “t,” the “t” of responsibili”t”y.

CR (Curious Resident, not this author) deeply believes in the professional distinction of certain teachers over at RB.

So do i, as nearly a zillion quotes around here, repeated year after year, show.

But that does not make me incapable of asking, simply and directly, where were the professional educators when we were suffering through the buffoonery, corruption, skullduggery and mismanagement of the bad old days?

This question is not about the badness of the bad old days. Whatever learning was going on, the place was in fact going bankrupt in a miasma of neglect and oversight. The good that was happening was utterly unsustainable because the slime was rotting the place from within. We all know how bad those days were.

But some among us — say, Illinois certified staff on site — who by definition are trained experts, looked the other way during the parade of horribles, and in fact during the long slog of delousing, as well.

And, from the tenor of CR’s posts, CR seems to think those on site should be rewarded now with Hinsdale salaries, with no mention or explanation of why they, our putative “partners,” failed to show up when needed most. As professionals, weren’t they responsible?

MR says, ‘the money is not there.’ i agree with MR.

And i further ask, where was CR’s vaunted professionalism when the community needed it to keep RB on the rails?

The mistake at the top (“is” instead of “are”) is in fact no big deal.

But CR’s “education rational,” by which i think CR meant to say, “education rationale,” is a big deal. The community deserves to know why the teachers’ rationale did not include blowing the whistle and pitching in to clean the Augean stable.

Any answers?

*[POSTED TUESDAY DEC 4, 2012 10:55]
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