“fire colleen or resign” — sent Wed., Oct 24, 2012

dear mary ellen,

your failure to protect the children and families of D96 by leaving colleen in office is appalling.  frankly, having gotten this far into this mess, and showing such poor judgment as to be here, in this place, i think it is shown that you are unfit for the post you hold.

the very least you can do is fire colleen now, even if that means reassigning her to the end of her contract.

here is what I said at the landmark website this morning, which I hereby say to you directly and personally:

Let’s get this straight:

According to this article, Colleen Lieegi has falsely reported child sex abuse involving her ex-husband, a D96 teacher and neighbors.

Lieggi hired a D96 teacher to babysit her kids. The teacher performed D96 work in the principal’s home on one of her children, while babysitting. Upon an unwelcome result, Lieggi reported child sex abuse involving the teacher. She then attempted a retaliatory firing against the teacher.

This went through our superintendent, who issued a formal D96 document to the effect. But in time that document was withdrawn and superseded by a D96 pledge to pay according to the teacher contract and to pay the teacher’s attorney.

Our Board president, Mary Ellen Meindl, looks at this and says, “My concern is if any of this is a personnel issue relating to District 96 and, no, it is not.”


Not surprising, since Ms. Meindl has thrown the shredder switch three times after legally receiving the police reports of the errant principal.

As for the neighbors, they were out of town when the child sex abuse that Lieggi ‘mandatorily reported’ was supposed to have taken pace.

And as for the ex-spouse, he has been given a clean slate by investigators.

The Board is protecting the principal who made false reports. ‘”Her job is in no jeopardy,” said school board President Mary Ellen Meindl.’

The Board has profoundly failed the community and all D96 parents. It should ask itself, “if we were interviewing Colleen Lieggi and we knew of these false reports and other judgment errors, would we hire her?”

If a Board member answers “yes,” then he or she is unfit to serve.

Ames principal Colleen Lieggi either is a stone cold liar or needs intensive counseling. Hiding behind her mandatory reporter status and blaming her children indicate very serious needs, the treatment of which is incompatible with her position, responsibilities and judgment of her office.

I do not have a child in her care, but if I did I would insist she step down or the child be transferred. Lieggi’s actions are irreconcilable with the discretion over children that goes with her position. Her babysitting arrangement alone implicates her managerial and institutional leadership. The false reports implicate her stability.

The D96 Board has failed the parents it represents, it must return to the topic and end Lieggi’s association with our schools.

[End Landmark post text]

mary ellen, the Landmark / Skolnik article reveals you — at best — as a fool.  you would be a laughingstock if this were not serious, but it is.  please try to reconnect with the interests of parents in protecting their children.  fire colleen.  feel free to call me if you wish.


chris robling

here is mary ellen’s reply, the next day:


I am in receipt of your correspondence.


Mary Ellen Meindl

President, District 96 Board of Education

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3 Comments on ““fire colleen or resign” — sent Wed., Oct 24, 2012”

  1. You Should Run Says:

    Now that Milt has been retired by WGN Radio, you should run for school board.

  2. chrisrobling Says:

    Thank you. I understand several outstanding candidates have responded to the call, so at least not this time… But thanks, c

  3. Robert Says:

    He won’t do that, because then he’d actually he held accountable, rather then just calling out and playing Monday morning quarterback to those who are held accountable!

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