Appealing for a D96 write-in candidate — January 24, 2013

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Christopher FitzHenry Robling from Riverside, Illinois

Posted: January 24th, 2013 9:49 PM

at this point, seeing what we see in this article, i urge a fourth candidate to run as a write-in, so that none of the incumbents will be re-elected.

i stand by my statement to mary ellen on October 24: “your failure to protect the children and families of D96 by leaving colleen in office is appalling. frankly, having gotten this far into this mess, and showing such poor judgment as to be here, in this place, i think it is shown that you are unfit for the post you hold.

“the very least you can do is fire colleen now, even if that means reassigning her to the end of her contract.”

the board is approaching basket case status. it has repudiated its “leadership.” to read this article is to glimpse bedlam.

susan battersby has been irreparably harmed. procedures were not followed. kids were left in class with someone reported by the very principal of the school in which this happened as a possible sex offender. we have an attorney who may have a conflict of interest. we have contradictory statements, and actions, attacks on the integrity, competence and professionalism of our police department and the bizarre tableau of D96 officials — despite the foregoing — presuming to tell the village of riverside and the riverside police department how to do their jobs. and that’s not even the half of it.

if you thought about running but chose not to, please do. we will get you on the official list at david orr’s office so your votes will be counted. please consider offering the voters a choice. please consider preventing one of the folks responsible for this from coming back. please consider cleaning all of this up. please consider helping the students, parents, taxpayers and community members of district 96. whoever you are, please run.

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