Four-year raises at RBHS top 27 percent

An analysis of earnings shows the average raise since the start of Riverside Brookfield High School’s current five-year contract has been 27.7 percent for 79 teachers and administrators.

The analysis compares earnings reported by the official Illinois Teachers’ Retirement Service (TRS) based on submissions from District 208 at the ends of the 2007-2008 and 2011-2012 school years.  The reports by TRS of District 208-supplied data were provided in response to an Illinois Freedom of Information Act request.  They are available at

The 79 members of District 208’s “certified staff” were selected because they are full-time and appear on both reports, and thus illustrate the actual operation of the current collective bargaining agreement between the District and the Riverside Brookfield Education Association.

Other District 208 certified staff members, who either left before 2011-2012 or arrived after 2007-2008, are not included in this analysis.

This analysis is based on total creditable (for TRS purposes) earnings before the current contract, and after four years of the current contract.

The 79 teachers received $8,292,550 in creditable earnings in 2011-2012, up $1,740,677, or 26.6 percent, from the 2007-2008 total of $6,551,872.

The average 2011-2012 earnings were $104,969.  The 2007-2008 average earnings were $82,935.

The average raise of 27.7 percent differs from the percentage increase in TRS creditable earnings due to different times in the four-year period when raises were granted.

Of the 79 teachers, 36 received raises of more than 27.7 percent, while 43 saw raises below 27.7 percent.

The teacher whose personal statistics most closely mirror the overall rate of increase earned $99,959 in 2007-2008 teaching English.  By the 2011-2012 school year, under the current contract, he had received raises of $27,769, or 27.8 percent, to conclude 2011-2012 with TRS creditable earnings of $127,728.

The individual teacher whose start and end salaries most closely reflect those of his 79 colleagues as a whole, earned $80,080 in 2007-2008, teaching applied arts.  Under the current contract, his TRS creditable earnings rose by some $21,720 or 27.1 percent, to $101,801.

Four District 208 teachers received raises between 40 percent and 49.95 percent.  Raises of between 30 percent and 39.23 were awarded to 18 teachers.  Raises between 20 percent and 29.65 percent went to 37 RB teachers.  Fifteen teachers saw their salaries increase between 10 and 19.85 percent.  Two teachers saw salary reductions and one received a single digit raise over the four school year period.

The raises appear not to favor one type of teacher over others.  Of the 18 District 208 teachers who received between 40 percent and 49.95 percent increases, there is a special education teacher, two math teachers, four science teachers including the science chair, a librarian, three wellness teachers and the wellness department chair, a guidance counselor, a French teacher, an English teacher and a U.S. history teacher.

Certified staff salary and other compensation are products of numerous factors, including seniority, qualifications, job responsibility, evaluations and, for some, non-classroom activity, such as earning stipends for coaching or directing extra-curricular activities.  By following this 79-member majority of District 208 full-time staff through the first four years of the current contract, residents and taxpayers can see for themselves how the contract worked in practice.

The current contract was preceded by a three-year, “Catch-up” contract, whose average raise for fulltime certified staff was 10 percent.

Thus, for illustrative purposes, a full time certified staff member who started in the first year of the “Catch-up” contract at $60,000 would, after three years at 10 percent raises per year and almost six percent raises after that, all cumulative, see her salary reach more than $106,000 by the end of the current contract.

The current five-year contract ends on June 30, 2013.  The District 208 board of education and the RBEA held preliminary talks in 2011 and 2010, but have not announced new talks since then.  Six candidates for RB school board are facing off Tuesday, April 9 for three seats.

The 2011-2012 school year is the latest for which such data is available.  Data for 2012-2013 should be available by August.

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