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A note about the 2014 campaigns…

September 25, 2013

dear candidates dan, bill, kirk and bruce–

i will not remain silent any more.  

check it out… 

chris robling – Monday, Sep 23, 13 @ 3:21 pm:

what i see (above at the Capitol Fax post) is pretty tired, shop-worn and inadequate. it will bring defeat, just ask our last gubernatorial “campaign manager.”

what we need is a new balance, in which no single republican is asked to retreat on any given issue, but all republicans determine that winning — on our terms, on our issues — is more important than their pet issue leading the party parade.

we must stop spending into our first bankruptcy since 1842.

we must stop taxing our way to a smaller economy with fewer jobs, less growth, dwindling income, net dis-investment and de-population.

we must halt wasting precious dollars in efforts to serve democrat constituencies at the expense of public goods, and leaving would-be beneficiaries unhelped.

we must regulate to welcome businesses as partners in creating the new illinois, not to punish them as adversaries available for contributions and taxes.

we must appeal to folks in every neighborhood of illinois, from golconda to galena and lawndale to lawrenceville with a message of hope and determination to explode madigan’s boot of oppression, and to return to them their rightful future — as illinoisans — of prosperity and security.

if someone thinks this agenda makes its adherent a rino, then i am happy to debate them any time.

if we do it like we have, we will lose.

if we hedge and muffle, shuffle and mumble, as at least three of our four candidates are doing right now, then we appear tepid imitators of the big brother oppressors. we will lose.

people want a champion whose leadership is rooted in identity with their problems and lived reality.

p.s. all lt. gov. candidates should dedicate their campaigns to abolishing the wasteful and unnecessary office and all its wasteful and unnecessary spending.

cheers, c

Digital Age Ballot Integrity and Security

February 24, 2013

In the above-linked story there is a fascinating report on what sounds like programmed-bots trying to gain access to absentee ballots in Miami last year.  The sleuthing necessary to make cases in situations like these is digital, and potentially very complex. Vote fraud is a permanent concern in democracies, like burglary, battery or embezzlement.  That means prevention techniques and detection tactics must also be permanent, and commitments by law enforcement must reflect the seriousness of the alleged underlying offense.  Very well written article by the Herald’s Patricia Mazzei.

Stop Jerry Clarke’s Latest Fiasco

February 23, 2013

Jerry Clarke is nursing a grudge because he blames his loss to Rodney Davis on Pat Brady.

This has as much to do with the gay rights bill, which I oppose, as the Man in the Moon.

Pat Brady is the most effective chairman we have has since Harold Byron Smith, and in some ways I think he has surpassed Mr. Smith’s impressive achievements. This attempted putsch, which I believe will be put down, is utterly unworthy of any party that wants to compete for the Governorship in 2014.

Our fellow Illinoisans are jobless to an almost unprecedented degree. Families fear for their ability to afford college, let alone retirement. Their state government betrays instead of serves them. Corruption reigns in the fetid dung heap of Springfield where cynical devotion to the Third House of Illinois Government, AFSCME, eclipses any effort at reform.  Democrats run amuck, unchecked, untethered and uncaring for the suffering they inflict on the beleaguered taxpaying families of the Prairie State.  It is a cruel game where insiders win and regular folks pay.

All who think, in view of this, pursuing a retrograde “gotcha” orbit, gets us closer to winning in 21 short months, should take a long, hard look at what is really happening, and what is really at stake, here.

If they say, “but Pat said something no Republican should say,” then my reply is, all who have not committed an error, get to the front of the line.

Jerry Clarke?  He drove Bill Brady, and all of us, into the ditch we now occupy.

Jim?  He is a friend I admire, but he flew over Soldier Field in a campaign ad against illegal immigration that made us out to be racists.

“But Pat deviated from the orthodoxy, he has to go,” they say.

Yes, he did, and I wish he had not done so for this bill.  But, if we start expelling all who deviate or have deviated, then we will be even less able to help our fellow Illinoisans recover their incomes, futures and hopes for their kids than we are today.  And today, please recall, we are super minorities in both houses — because when we needed Jerry Clarke to know how to run Bill Brady’s gubernatorial campaign in 2010, he hid under his campaign manager desk, afraid to contest the collars and Cook County — the largest source of votes in our beloved, open, flat and welcoming state.

How did that happen?  Funny you should ask.  Jerry Clarke, self-regarding Illinois Republican State Central Committeeman, cynically violated the orthodoxy when he hired the Democrat, Skinny Sheehan, to run Bill Brady’s campaign in Cook County.

That’s right, Jerry Clarke gave Republican donor contributions — your money — to a made member of the Chicago Democrat Machine make deals with his Democrat buddies so Bill would be Governor and Jerry could be a big shot.

And then, Jerry was so benighted, he actually expected the Democrats to fall in line for his thirty pieces of silver.  JERRY WAS FAMOUSLY SURPRISED ON ELECTION NIGHT !  He didn’t hear Judge Schmale say, “You will get nothing, and you will like it.”  Friends, that’s Jerry’s brand of leadership.

It’s about as “Republican” as George Ryan stopping the Willis investigation.  But Jerry did it, betraying every one of us, as did Ryan, and all of our donors, because he dumbly thought it would make him the next Bill Cellini in Springfield.

But he bounced back, last year, when Jerry and his longtime booster, former Congressman Tim Johnson, cooked up Tim’s “Oh, I forgot to retire” plan.  Jerry was poised to erase the blots in his copy book and become a congressman.  Hey, it’s not Bill Cellini, but it will do for now, right?

Frankly, we ought to be organizing a Parade down State Street for Pat Brady, since he had the outstanding sense to keep this reprobate out of the Illinois U.S. House delegation, and instead backed a Republican of whom we will be proud for years to come.

And we ought to be sitting in judgment as to why a bumble-brain would-be Cellini-esque wheeler-dealer like Jerry is even on our Sate Central Committee.  Jerry knows all of this, better than you and better than me.  And that is why he has signed the state central committee letter, pompously intoning noble motives for his grubby little payback play.

If you love Pat Quinn as Governor, and if you really love the map Pat Quinn signed into law, and if your heart bursts with joy to know the contributions of faithful Republicans were funnelled to the Chicago machine to make Bill Brady win, then thank Jerry this morning and follow Jerry wherever he leads.  And you know what Jerry’s 2013 fiasco is all about.

I have seen Jerry’s work, I am living in its result.  Pat Brady is ready to lead us past Jerry’s mistakes to Gubernatorial victory in 2014 — even when we disagree.  That is why I am proudly backing the best chairman we have seen in 20 years, the gentleman from St. Charles, Patrick M. Brady.

Appealing for a D96 write-in candidate — January 24, 2013

January 24, 2013

(Posted at

Christopher FitzHenry Robling from Riverside, Illinois

Posted: January 24th, 2013 9:49 PM

at this point, seeing what we see in this article, i urge a fourth candidate to run as a write-in, so that none of the incumbents will be re-elected.

i stand by my statement to mary ellen on October 24: “your failure to protect the children and families of D96 by leaving colleen in office is appalling. frankly, having gotten this far into this mess, and showing such poor judgment as to be here, in this place, i think it is shown that you are unfit for the post you hold.

“the very least you can do is fire colleen now, even if that means reassigning her to the end of her contract.”

the board is approaching basket case status. it has repudiated its “leadership.” to read this article is to glimpse bedlam.

susan battersby has been irreparably harmed. procedures were not followed. kids were left in class with someone reported by the very principal of the school in which this happened as a possible sex offender. we have an attorney who may have a conflict of interest. we have contradictory statements, and actions, attacks on the integrity, competence and professionalism of our police department and the bizarre tableau of D96 officials — despite the foregoing — presuming to tell the village of riverside and the riverside police department how to do their jobs. and that’s not even the half of it.

if you thought about running but chose not to, please do. we will get you on the official list at david orr’s office so your votes will be counted. please consider offering the voters a choice. please consider preventing one of the folks responsible for this from coming back. please consider cleaning all of this up. please consider helping the students, parents, taxpayers and community members of district 96. whoever you are, please run.

WBEZ’s “The Afternoon Shift” with Rick Kogan — January 24, 2013

January 24, 2013

Great to chat with Union League Club of Chicago Distinguished Writer Rick Kogan and Cindi Canary on The Afternoon Shift at WBEZ.  Please enjoy…

“Beyond the Beltway with Bruce Dumont” on WLS-AM — January 20, 2013

January 23, 2013

Very happy to have joined Bruce, Charles Lipson and Phillip Beverly on the first night of President Obama’s second term for this discussion that looked back a bit — and forward a bit:

President Obama’s address, with Eric Zorn in the Chicago Tribune — January 22, 2013

January 22, 2013

In the “good loser” category, here is a look at the president’s second inaugural from the peanut gallery, with my friend Eric Zorn, in this morning’s Tribune.  There is a pretty active conversation about it on Eric’s website, please have at it with garlands or rotten tomatoes, as you prefer…