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A note about the 2014 campaigns…

September 25, 2013

dear candidates dan, bill, kirk and bruce–

i will not remain silent any more.  

check it out… 

chris robling – Monday, Sep 23, 13 @ 3:21 pm:

what i see (above at the Capitol Fax post) is pretty tired, shop-worn and inadequate. it will bring defeat, just ask our last gubernatorial “campaign manager.”

what we need is a new balance, in which no single republican is asked to retreat on any given issue, but all republicans determine that winning — on our terms, on our issues — is more important than their pet issue leading the party parade.

we must stop spending into our first bankruptcy since 1842.

we must stop taxing our way to a smaller economy with fewer jobs, less growth, dwindling income, net dis-investment and de-population.

we must halt wasting precious dollars in efforts to serve democrat constituencies at the expense of public goods, and leaving would-be beneficiaries unhelped.

we must regulate to welcome businesses as partners in creating the new illinois, not to punish them as adversaries available for contributions and taxes.

we must appeal to folks in every neighborhood of illinois, from golconda to galena and lawndale to lawrenceville with a message of hope and determination to explode madigan’s boot of oppression, and to return to them their rightful future — as illinoisans — of prosperity and security.

if someone thinks this agenda makes its adherent a rino, then i am happy to debate them any time.

if we do it like we have, we will lose.

if we hedge and muffle, shuffle and mumble, as at least three of our four candidates are doing right now, then we appear tepid imitators of the big brother oppressors. we will lose.

people want a champion whose leadership is rooted in identity with their problems and lived reality.

p.s. all lt. gov. candidates should dedicate their campaigns to abolishing the wasteful and unnecessary office and all its wasteful and unnecessary spending.

cheers, c